There are 5 pools at the fishery with toilets located at Top and Specimen Pool (View Map Here)

At both the Specimen and Runs Pools you can park directly alongside your pegs. In wet conditions during the Winter months this is limited to parts of the Specimen Pool only.

At the Bottom Pool you can park at the gate and just a few paces takes you to a designated disabled peg, and 2 other pegs.

The Top Pool is accessed from the first car park by the Paystation, from where you can see the pool. It is not that far to walk but is downhill and uphill on the way back

The Middle Pool is accessed by walking past the Top Pool, again downhill and then uphill back, though not that far this is the longest walk to access a pool at the fishery


Please let us know if you need any further information, or if you have any constructive suggestions that would improve your experience at Chorley Springs